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Non-standard PCBs Print
To satisfy your requirements we are able to make some non-standard PCBs:

Plated slot profiles

In accordance with customer's requirements and their projects we made some of follows PCBs with non-standard plated groove apertures:

Single Sided Flexible PCBs (Single Sided FPC) 

Also you can order single sided flexible PCBs with different dimensions for your projects:



Press-Fit technology


Due to the increased application of SMD components, and the wide use of multilayer PCBs, the demand for interconnection devices utilizing press-fit technology has increased. The installation of press-fit connectors is done after the assembling with all other components. With press-fit connectors it is no longer necessary to wash or clean the PCB.




           Simple and quick mounting;

           No soldering process, damaged components can be replaced easily;

           No thermal stress;

           Shock resistant connection;

           Environmentally friendly;




Acid etching with a thickness up to 400 microns


You can use acid etching as for single sided PCBs as well as for internal plane layers of multilayer PCBs:


PCBs with metallic borders


We can produce PCBs with metallic borders for electrical contact between different parts in one product without any problems:
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