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Panel construction Print


Panel divided by scoring



If the requirement for accuracy of each PCB size within the panel is ± 0.2mm, the PCBs should better be separated by scoring



Panel with PCBs, divided by scorring and routing



This is a combined variant of scoring and routing.  In this case the requirement for accuracy is higher for Y-axis 0.1mm) only, that’s why routing is included. 



Panel of PCBs divided by routing



In this variant the PCB contour is done by routing, aiming at higher size accuracy. The PCBs remain connected in a panel by non-routed bars (bridges).  On separating the PCBs, the remaining bar material should be mechanically removed if it hinders the PCB insertion into the box of the device. 


Panel with PCBs divided by routing and technological holes for breaking



In this example breaking the bars (bridges) off is facilitated by boring of technical holes.  The panel preparation will cost more, but mechanical treatment after the separation of the PCBs will be avoided.   The next picture shows an example construction of the linking bars (bridges):


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