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Multilayer construction Print


Multilayers are constructed of FR4 base material in the core, on which the internal and prepreg layers are laid. The package is laminated with copper foil, on which the external layers of the PCB are laid. The entire minimum prepreg thickness between each two layers starting from the core should at least be double the thickness of the basic copper of the material. A symmetrical structure of the multilayer is desirable to prevent material deformations due to the material thermal expansion. A multilayer can also be produced asymmetrically, in case the customer orders a different layer order and/or thickness of the layers.  


Standard structure of SET multilayers

The final thickness of the multilayer is the thickness of the packet after pressing, including the thickness of the galvanic coats and the protective mask.  


Standard structure of a 4-layer PCB

Final thickness of 1.6mm ± 10%





Standard structure of a 6-layer PCBFinal thickness of 1.6mm ± 10% 





Standard construction of an 8-layer PCBFinal thickness of 1.6mm ± 10%


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